Affiliate Links that makes me doe :)

If you would like to support the work I do, please consider using the affiliate links as I get a commission (that won’t cost you a dime) if you opt to use them.

One thing I’d like to invest in is a hobbyist’s oscilloscope so I can do better (headphone) amplifier reviews.

But back to the links and the way they work. Here it goes: If you click on any of them and purchase something after having clicked them I will receive a commission.

I will not be getting any of your personal information if you use them, so no danger of being stalked. :)

The Amazon links are effective 24 hours after you’ve clicked them.

The Bluehost link is effective for longer, and this site is hosted by Bluehost. I also offer special pricing with Bluehost so you actually save some money by clicking my link prior to buying hosting with them so we both win. :)

In addition to the scope the proceeds will help me further invest in this site, the HeadphoneAddict Youtube channel and feed my no less than 7 cats, lol!