Disclaimer: How I (don’t) Make Money

In the name of transparency and full disclosure I need to tell you guys a little bit about my income streams from this project.

Firstly, I’m a Youtube Partner and have monetized the videos on Youtube (which most of you are probably not aware of since you’re using AdBlocker like me, haha). Unfortunately, I’m not allowed to disclose how much I make from Youtube due to the AdSense Terms of Service.

Secondly, I’m an Amazon Associate so any and all links from this site and my Youtube videos to both Amazon UK and US are affiliate links. This means that if you click any of those links and purchase anything within the next 24 hours after clicking it, I will receive a small percentage commission from that sale. It will not cost you anything and I will not get any of your personal information. I do however see what people purchase, and one time someone had bought a super sexy latex outfit which made me giggle a ton. Again, unfortunately I’m not allowed to disclose how much I make from this either.

Thirdly, I accept advertisers on this website and it’s possible to be a sponsor for Youtube videos. Please use the contact form to discuss potential solutions and multi million dollar deals.

A benefit of running the channel is that I occasionally get to borrow gear for review and sometimes even get a freebee pair of headphones (just the cheap ones thus far :(). When this is the case I’ll clearly state so in the beginning of the video or written review so you’re aware of this. Also, I do not accept any conditions or liability for any review samples that is sent me. The contents of any reviews I make will be determined by me and me alone.