Search Engine for used headphones, speakers and hifi

Search engine for used headphones, speakers and hifi

Tip on a site that tracks most global market places for Hifi equipment

Just a quick tip on a great search engine for finding cheap second hand and used audio equipment. This search engine indexes a lot of the global marketplaces for audio equipment.

The search engine in question is located over at, and this genius site keeps track of most global market places for second hand audio equipment, including eBay! So now you can save a lot of time by searching in only one place.

In advanced search mode you can choose what countries and sites to search and you can set up the result pages to show the price in your local currency.

Hats of to the people or person behind hifishark, it’s an awesome tool!

How to Search HifiShark directly from Firefox

Due to being a lazy slob I wanted the process of searching the HifiShark index faster, so I made a custom search plugin for Firefox. With this plugin you can search the site’s index directly from your browser.

  1. You can download the plugin (in XML) here by using right click and download. Make sure to save the plugin in the following directory:

    C:\Documents and Settings\YOURNAME\Application Data\Mozilla\Firefox\Profiles\XXXXXX.default\searchplugins

    Since the XXXXXX varies from computer to computer, go into the «Profiles» directory and move on from there until you’re in the «searchplugins» directory when you save the file with the script.

  2. Open up Firefox, then click on the magnifying glass inside the search bar, then click on «Change Search Settings»
    Firefox search, change search settings
  3. Make sure Hifi Shark is enabled in the One-click search engines
    Firefox search settings, Hifi-Shark enabled
  4. Start typing the search you want to make on HifiShark. Then click the HifiShark icon to be directed to the search results at the HifiShark website.
    Search Hifi-Shark directly from Firefox



Discussion on Search engine for used headphones, speakers and hifi

  1. Arthur Yarwood says:

    There’s another search engine over at that does very similar. 

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Search engine for used headphones, speakers and hifi

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