How big amplifier do I need in terms of Watts?

Tutorial with power calculator to determine how many watts the amp must be

How many watts do I need? How big should my amplifier be? How much amplifier power do I need? These questions are asked over and over by many people and here’s a nifty little power calculator and some logical arguments may help you reach an answer.

Search engine for used headphones, speakers and hifi

Tip on a site that tracks most global market places for Hifi equipment

Just a quick tip on a great search engine for finding cheap second hand and used audio equipment. This search engine indexes a lot of the global marketplaces for audio equipment.

How to set up a Free Equalizer for Spotify Tutorial

Follow this guide to improve your listening experience by using a free equalizer for Spotify

Want a free equalizer for Spotify? This tutorial will teach you how to set up an EQ for Spotify and hopefully give you a sense of how you can achieve the best results using an equalizer.

How to run bit perfect playback in foobar tutorial

Follow this guide to get better sound quality by bypassing Windows' processing with bitperfect

In this quick tutorial you’ll learn how to use Bit perfect with Foobar. Bitperfect enables you to route the audio away from Windows’ audio processing and directly to foobar2000 and therefore get better sound quality.

Bit Perfect with Foobar and ASUS Xonar Essence One (E1)

Running Bit Perfect basically means that the bits are transferred perfectly from your PC to your E1 without any form of processing by other programs, like Windows. Said in simpler terms: The bits that is your music file, be it flac, mp3, wav or anything else, will be sent exactly as they are to your Essence One.