ZORO II Headphones

ZORO II HD Headphones has arrived

A Beats inspired headphone with great sound quality?

The DHL delivery man fought through ice and snow to deliver a pair of headphones at my door. The cans came in a tiny box and had traveled here all the way from China after a polite gentleman from a company named noontec contacted me asking if I would be interested in doing a review of their ZORO II HD fashion Hi-Fi headphones.

Update: The full ZORO II HD review with a lot of pictures is up and can be read here.

Not remembering having heard of this company or the headphones and the (to me) obvious inspiration behind the headphones’ design I must admit to being a little hesitant, but because my mother taught me «never to judge a book by its cover», I said yes. It had nothing to do with being a headphone addict and getting a free shot to ease the addiction. Promise. :D

Also, Steve ol’ Guttenberg reviewed the predecessor of these cans and gave them a glowing review (like he does with everything, LOL!), stating that «The Noontec Zoro is an audiophile-oriented on-ear headphone model with a detachable cable and styling that mimics the Beats Solo, but with better sound quality.»

More promising: They seem to be popular amongst owners judging by Amazon US and Amazon UK reviews.

colors of ZORO II HD headphones

Who knows, maybe these headphones are delicious? Seems like I got the blue and black version. Kind of bummed out, because I wanted and specifically asked for the white and orange, lol!</narcissisticSpoiledBrat>

ZORO II HD Specs and expectations

The specifications says they employ (your typical) 40mm dynamic drivers. They’re 32 Ohm, 108dB/mW @ 1kHz and has a power handling of 60mW, so these definitely do not require an amplifier although I will use Objective2 when reviewing them due to the low impedance of these headphones. They should have 13Hz to 26kHz response. I’m impressed they didn’t state single digits.

Expectations of these headphones

My expectation is a V-shaped signature, (1) because of the obvious inspiration behind them, (2) that a whole lot of people tend to like a lot of bass, and (3) having HD in the name implies resolution which is often accomplished by boosting the highs a bit.

Will be doing an unboxing and first impressions video of them as soon as the Objective2 + ODAC review is up on Youtube. In the meantime and to spoil the video review of O2+ODAC, you can follow the link to read the written review.

Discussion on ZORO II HD Headphones has arrived

  1. Chris says:

    They look great, actually – Seems all good things come from China nowadays – even hifi. Good that Beats gets some competition. Any preliminary impressions? They are on-ear, right?

    • HeadphoneAddict HeadphoneAddict says:

      China is going through the exact same thing Japan and Taiwan went through. First they produce for others, then they get the knowledge and capabilities for high quality mass production, then they learn marketing and away we go to the races. It’s awesome that the Chinese people are trying to make their own brands instead of OEM all day long.

      They look cool but they are the wrong color, LOL. Beats need to be beaten, haha. Sorry, I’ve not yet had time to record myself ripping the box wide open, as I’m working on something else right now, but I will sure let you know here once I’ve given them a listen.

      Yes, they are on ear headphones unless your ears are super duper mega tiny.


      Quick first impressions of ZORO II HD

      To summarize, now I’m even more bummed out about them being blue and not white/orange because they sound very decent considering the price. I can understand why people say they dominate the now discontinued Beats Solo HD which was twice the price when they were in production. Also, my expectation about these headphones were a bit off. The ZORO II HD is not bass heavy like Beats Solo HD.

      I’m going to compare them with KOSS DJ100 which is even cheaper than these but are also very good in terms of sound quality in the lower price bracket. Maybe noontec did a smart move by making them so similar to Beats (even calling them Zoro HD as opposed to Solo HD, lol), because then people will naturally compare the two and winning over an overpriced pair of headphones is easier than going up against solid performers in the same price range.

      As always, these are first impressions and prone to change.

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ZORO II HD Headphones has arrived

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